Save Electricity, Save Money, Save the Planet

These are just some of the advantages of solar energy

Whether you own a home, a business, or both, you can save electricity, preserve your hard-earned money, and protect the planet by converting to solar. Uncle Sam will even provide a substantial solar tax credit when you make the switch. What could be better than all that? Well, it does get better. Going solar with a Corbin installation is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your wallet, and the environment. Here’s why:
  1. Unlike fossil fuels, the sun’s energy is a resource that will never run out. It does not have to be mined, drilled, or extracted. It’s there every single day, ready to light our homes and power our offices—and help us to save electricity like never before.
  2. Solar energy is clean, green, and safe. It emits no noxious fumes or carcinogens. Not only does it save electricity, it does so without harming the environment or destroying our diminishing natural resources.
  3. One of the great advantages of solar energy is that it’s virtually maintenance free. Solar panels have no movable parts, so breakdowns or equipment failures are unheard of. Most people generate energy for thousands of hours without needing so much as a tweak or a tune-up.
  4. A home or office solar panel system is aesthetically pleasing. Panels are seamlessly integrated onto the roof, so there is no change to your property, and no eyesore equipment to stare at.
  5. Solar cells make no noise while collecting energy, so—unlike windmills, for example—energy from the sun is peaceful and silent.
  6. The government loves when we save electricity (and hence the environment), and it rewards solar users accordingly. In addition to a federal solar tax credit there are state rebates and other financial incentives available to homeowners and business owners, allowing them to substantially offset the initial cost.
  7. To make solar energy even more accessible, Corbin Solar Solutions offers several financing options to its customers, including a no-money-down program.
  8. Not only do you save electricity (and watch your bills go goodbye), but you can also sell excess energy back to your local power company in the form of SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) programs.
Save electricity and save the planet by converting to clean, quiet solar energy today. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate at 866-974-6786, or click here to send us a message now.

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