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Installing your new solar electric system is an exciting new venture. Just imagine an electric bill that says you owe $0.00. Think about how you are helping the future of our planet! While Corbin’s solar installations only take a few days, there are several months of preparation and waiting time involved, primarily due to the approval processes for rebates, permits, etc., in the state- and federal-government offices. Otherwise, your journey to owning a solar electric system is a smooth and easy one. Here’s a step-by-step snapshot of what you can expect:
  1. Site Inspection & Energy Analysis One of our solar experts will visit your home or office to perform a thorough site analysis and determine if you are a good candidate for a solar electric system. We’ll look at factors like roof area, amount of shade versus sunlight, and typical energy usage.
  2. System & Financing Details Our expert will then explain how solar design works, tell you about the state-of-the-art products and materials we use, and review rebate and other incentives that will dramatically offset the cost of your solar electric system. Our specialist will also outline the innovative financing opportunities available to homeowners.
  3. Design & Estimate Based on our findings, we’ll provide a rough solar design concept and fee estimate tailored to your needs and budget.
  4. Proposal & Deposit Now that you’re ready to go solar, our design engineers will use cutting-edge CAD (computer-aided design) to finalize the custom solar electric system for your home or office. We’ll also submit a written proposal and collect a small deposit to get started. In addition, we’ll fill out your state rebate application.
  5. Purchase Agreement Once your state rebate application has been approved, we’ll present a purchase agreement for your signature and request a second payment. At this time, we’ll secure all the necessary permit applications for your solar electric system.
  6. Equipment Acquisition & Installation After receiving your second payment, we’ll order the necessary materials and schedule a tentative installation date. Once your system arrives, we’ll collect your third payment, confirm the installation timetable, and get started! Our solar installations generally take three to five days depending on size of job. Most materials are guaranteed for 25 years, and our workmanship carries a 10-year warranty.
  7. Inspection & Final Payment When the installation is complete, we’ll contact your local electrical inspector and state solar inspector to perform a final inspection of your system. Once we receive the green light and everything’s a go, we’ll collect your last payment.
  8. SREC Setup   We’ll also set up your solar renewable energy certificates (SREC) account, so you can generate electricity and sell your SRECs. If your system is grid tied, we’ll hook you up with your power company’s net-metering system, so you can be credited for excess power.
Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the benefits of producing your own clean, quiet energy! Ready to install your solar electric system? It’s as easy as contacting us for a free consultation and estimate. Call 866-974-6786 today, or click here to send a message now.

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