Buying a Home-Solar System is

Easy and Affordable

For most homeowners—particularly those in New Jersey who shell out 45 percent more for their electricity than the national average—saving substantial money on energy bills would be a dream come true. Many have already switched to residential solar energy, and they love the cost of solar (virtually nothing) and its impact on the environment (practically nil). Granted, while energy rates will plummet, the initial expense of installing a home solar system is somewhat hefty. Photovoltaic panels and other equipment can quickly drive up the cost of solar conversions and scare potential converts away. But there is good news: Because residential solar energy is so planet friendly, state and federal governments are embracing the technology and offering financial incentives and rebates. If you’re a New Jersey resident wanting to invest in a home solar system, you’re in an especially good position. Through its Clean Energy Program, the state has one of the most aggressive rebate and incentive programs in the country, second only to California. Highlights include:
  • Sales-tax exemptions – materials and installation fees are not taxed
  • Property-tax exemptions – despite the dramatic improvement to your home, tax assessors cannot raise your property taxes
  • Rebates – while these are decreasing every year, a more innovative program is taking their place—solar renewable energy certificates (SREC)—which allows you to sell electricity from your home solar system to your local power company
In addition, your home solar system is eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. At Corbin, we’ve also teamed up with major financing companies to offer you even more financial flexibility. Our financing options allow you to go solar with no money down. We’ll work with you to create the right plan for your needs and situation. And our savvy staff here at Corbin Solar Solutions will guide you through every step of the way (and handle all the paperwork). How simple is that? Ready to own your own home solar system? It’s as easy as contacting us for a free consultation and estimate. Call 866-974-6786 today, or click here to send us a message now.

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