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(L-R) Adam Corbin, Steve Corbin, Rick Sehein

(L-R) Adam Corbin, Steve Corbin, Rick Sehein

Steve Corbin, President

Before his company became one of New Jersey’s premier solar installers, Steve Corbin founded Corbin Electrical Services with a garage office and a ladder in the backseat of his station wagon. An electrical engineer with a master’s degree in business management, he began his career at Westinghouse in 1973 before branching out on his own five years later. Steve’s industry knowledge—coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit—led to tremendous growth and a stellar reputation throughout the state. Soon, his one-man, one-car operation blossomed into a much-admired company of 35 employees and 20 service vehicles. In 2006, friend Rick Sehein (now director of operations) approached Steve about expanding into solar energy. It was a natural fit: With the firm’s expertise in all things electrical, it made sense for Corbin to start designing and installing solar-panel systems [LINK: How Solar Works] as well. Plus, the advantages of solar energy [LINK:Why Solar?] had become overwhelmingly clear, motivating scores of home- and business owners alike to make the switch. Skilled solar installers were now in high demand—it was the perfect time to launch Corbin Solar Solutions. Besides his role as president and chief strategist for Corbin Solar Solutions, Steve sits on the board of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and holds electrical licenses in New Jersey, Florida, and Delaware.

Adam Corbin, Vice President

Electricity runs through Adam Corbin’s veins. He joined the family business, Corbin Electrical Services, in 2000 as commercial manager and chief estimator and has a solid background in heavy-industry electrical construction. Adam earned his Bachelor of Science degree in building construction from the University of Florida. When Corbin Solar Solutions and its team of solar installers arrived on the scene in 2006, Adam was named vice president of the company. With his vast electrical expertise, he performs technical reviews of all residential and commercial installations and ensures they are up to code. In addition, he interfaces with local and state electrical inspectors. Adam holds electrical licenses in New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, and New Hampshire and is a NABCEP-certified PV installer. He also sits on the National Electrical Code (NEC) code-making panel.

Rick Sehein, Director of Operations

Solar-panel systems may not have been top of mind when Rick Sehein served in the Middle East as an F-16 aircraft electrician with the United States Air Force. But what did alarm him was America’s dependency on unstable countries for oil, and the fact that many of our government’s decisions are based on this seemingly unquenchable addiction. When he returned stateside, Rick discovered that many of his friends and neighbors had learned the advantages of solar energy and were converting to solar electricity. This might be the answer he was looking for: We could wean ourselves off oil by choosing the sun over expensive, environmentally unfriendly, and politically charged energy sources. Seeing the snowballing need for solar installers, he reached out to Steve Corbin of Corbin Electrical Services with an idea: Expand into the bright new realm of solar energy. Steve agreed, and in 2006, Rick became director of operations of the newly formed Corbin Solar Solutions, where he manages the staff and site crews and oversees all aspects of sales, design, and installations. Rick has been in the Air Force since 1991 and is a member of the New Jersey Air National Guard. He earned his associate’s degree in applied science and is entry-level NABCEP certified. Ready to work with our team of solar experts? Call Corbin Solar Solutions today at 866-974-6786, or click here to contact us immediately.

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