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You might think that finding the right solar contractor for your home or office is not the easiest task under the sun. There are financial considerations (is it in your budget?), as well as logistical questions (is your roof big enough?).  In addition, you want solar installers with a solid track record and an eye for quality. Ideally, since solar energy and electricity go hand in hand, the company you choose will have electrical engineers on staff to design the solar-power systems that suit your lifestyle and needs. And of course, if that solar contractor could help you harness the sun for no money down that would take the cake! Here at Corbin Solar Solutions, we do all that and more. Our counterpart, Corbin Electrical Services, has been servicing New Jersey since 1978. When we decided to expand into solar-power systems in 2006, it was a natural evolution: The demand for solar installers was growing fast, and people knew and trusted the Corbin name. Already experts in the electrical field, we quickly learned everything we needed to know about solar energy, secured solar contractor licenses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and received certification from the prestigious NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)—an organization that keeps members on the cutting edge of renewable-energy technology with mandatory training, education, and certification programs. Not every solar contractor can join NABCEP. While voluntary, membership is limited to those who meet strict eligibility standards and comply with all legal and safety requirements. NABCEP certification is known as the “gold standard” in the industry, giving you—the consumer—confidence that your solar professional is competent, ethical, and privy to the latest technologies and design techniques. Not long after we launched, Home Depot added Corbin Solar Solutions to its list of recommended solar installers and named us top installer on the east coast (which spans from Colorado to the Atlantic Ocean). Experience, expertise, and ongoing education are Corbin’s trademarks. Plus, each of our principals brings a unique set of skills to the table, along with an intense passion for preserving the planet and protecting her natural resources. Ready to lower (or eliminate) the electric bills in your home or office? Contact Corbin Solar Solutions today—the solar contractor people know and trust. Call 866-974-6786, or click here to contact us immediately. Corbin Solar Solutions is a reseller and installer of the following products:

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NABCEP Certified PV Installer – Adam Corbin

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